O'Dwyer's Public House – Pub & Poolside Bar

Summit Specialty Cocktails

O'Dwyer's Irish Mule

Served in a copper mug, Gunpowder Irish Gin and ginger beer over ice. garnished with a lime wedge.

St. James Coffee

Nine ounces of Guinness with a double espresso liqueur float served in a flute.

Rusty Red

Bushmill's Red Bush Irish Whiskey, Irish Mist, and a dash of bitters briskly shaken, topped off with club soda and a lemon twist.

Blarney Stone

Balck Sambuca, Tia Maria, and a float of Bailey's Irish Cream served as a shot.

Irish Sweet & Sour

2 Gingers Irish Whiskey, lemon/lime mix, and a dash of sugar shaken vigorously, served in a double old fashioned glass and topped with club soda and a cherry.

Michael Collins

Gunpowder Irish Gin and lemon/lime mix shaken briskly over ice, topped with club soda and a dash of Apple Pucker. Garnished with a lemon wedge.

Hot Buttered Irish

Irish Whiskey, brown sugar, butter, and a cinnamon stick served piping hot.

The Quiet Man

Your choice from our wide selection of Irish Whiskey over ice.